Men's Conference 2023

Men's Wellness conversation

Men’s conference has been an online sensational imaginary event where men have been holding discussions on how to make themselves better in relationships and in life. Unfortunately, the well intended thought has been corrupted by a few over the years.

This year, on the 10th and 11th of February, we intend to hold an actual men’s
conference for at least 2000 men at the KICC.
We intend to have a conversation on the process of economic development, mental
wellness, dating, marriage, family, recovery from failure and life challenges all with
the aim of bettering the person of a man.

Men's Conference 2023

The Event

The two day event will begin with a dinner on 10th Feb for 500 men majorly on topic lines that will be agreed upon by the speakers panel and the organizing team.

On day 2, we will have a whole day conversation with an array of speakers on different issues as will be decided upon by the speakers panel.

This events' principal focus is on improving the stature of a man in his best mental frame.

Men's Conference 2023

Event Team

We are a team of Media personalities, Public speakers, and Professionals from different realms with a singular concern for the man and his wholesome growth.

Willy M.Tuva

Event leader

Willy M.Tuva Event leader

Odhiambo B.Otieno

Org . Team

Odhiambo B.Otieno Org . Team

Kelvin Majau

Event leader

Kelvin Majau Event leader

Robert Burale


Robert Burale Speaker

BennyHinn Walubengo

Org . Team

BennyHinn Walubengo Speaker

What is the Problem the conference is seeking to address?

As men transition into manhood, a lot happens in between and in the actual
reality of being a man.
A mans value is arguably attached to his monetary worth/ social standing in the community. That is why a man without something is known as a poor man while the opposite is known as a rich man/able man.

In the quest of becoming a "real man" at least according to pop culture, failure occurs at different levels in all spheres of life.
"Failure to be a man" is perhaps a mans biggest fear especially when they lose the capacity to be able to lead, provide, support when needed, and act as is expected. As these occur, men tend to close themselves in, something that occasions a domino effect breakdown of many aspects of the mans life.

Young men in the transition are getting lost. Not so many mentors are available especially with the disintegrated family set ups that are now single parent led.It is therefore imperative that we take initiative to begin a conversation to share experiences between the older generation and the younger one.
We also want to speak on recovery, we want to share with fellow men that it is okay to not be okay. A mans purpose is found when he consistently picks himself up and pursues his potential hero seated deep within himself.

On MentalHealth!

Men are expected to be strong, dominant and in control, at the same time be breadwinners for the families. So, what happens if he cannot provide
these things, does it make him less of a man?

This is the question we want to help answer through our mental health partners who will share with men how to recognize the symptoms of mental health problems.
Data from the World Bank puts suicide mortality rates in Kenya at 6.1 people in every 100,000, with men being in the highest risk category of suicide, with 9.1 men in every 100,000 affected.

Men tend to resolve issues in their absoluteness, sadly with regards to self, they often choose eliminating themselves either psychologically, emotionally, or worse off by suicicide.